Nissan believes the cost of all-solid-state batteries can be reduced by using less expensive battery materials – enabling the price of electric vehicles to be the same level as petrol-powered vehicles.

To further promote the development of solid-state-batteries, the opening of a prototype production facility within the Nissan Research Centre in Kanagawa Prefecture.

The energy density of all-solid-state battery cells is approximately twice conventional lithium-ion batteries. They also have a significantly shorter charging time, due to superior charge/discharge performance.

Materials, design and manufacturing processes will be studied and a pilot prototype production line is planned for 2024, at Nissan’s Yokohama Plant.

In 2028, Nissan aims to launch an EV powered by all-solid-state battery cells. Nissan then expects to use all-solid-state batteries in a wide range of vehicles including Utes, making Nissan electric vehicles even more competitive.